Window Remedy-A Cleaning Service with a Social Cause

Need a local option for window cleaning? Janitorial services? Power washing? The team at Window Remedy can provide you with a local… remedy.


Window Remedy are dedicated cleaning specialists who love to clean windows and offer other custodial services while making a difference. For every window cleaned, Window Remedy will donate a meal to Lakeview Pantry .More than 800,000 Chicagoans are food insecure and depend on local food sources like Lakeview Pantry.

In addition to this community-driven arm of their mission, Window Remedy also seeks to be a good neighbor by promoting their local clients! Using a robust social media presence, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Window Remedy highlights local businesses and promotions — for example, if the team is cleaning windows at a local restaurant, they’ll promote their happy hour special.

Visit their website to see what Window Remedy can do for you while doing good for the community! If you’re interested in bringing Window Remedy’s services to your home or office, contact Judd Albring at

(773) 627-2678

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