Preventing Catastrophes – Creating interspecies harmony

Brittney Frazier, Found Training Center Bringing a new pet into the home is always a process usually filled with anticipation, some stress, and adjustment. However, when the new pet happens to be of the infamous feline variety, a primarily dog-centered household can be turned upsideRead more

It’s Your Dog’s Life:

Why you should focus on what your dog CAN do, and not what they CAN’T. Brittney Frazier, CPDT-KA, Found Chicago Boarding and Training Center Prior to adopting and welcoming a new dog into our home for the first time, we all imagine the lifestyle andRead more

Workin’ Hard or Hardly Workin’?

A word about motivation and how you can build more in your dog this coming New Year By: Brittney Frazier, CPDT-KA Found Chicago Boarding and Training Center No living being on the Earth does anything without reason. Human beings, for example, rarely work for free.Read more

Potty Training 101 – How to Train the Perfect Pup

Brittney Frazier, Found Chicago Boarding and Training Puppies are adorable. I think we can all agree on that. But there is also the other side of the coin that is the dreaded potty training, which accompanies every pup into their new home. Teaching a puppyRead more

Why Dogs Don’t Listen: Improving a dog’s responsiveness to commands

By: Brittney Frazier One of the number one complaints we receive as a dog training facility from owners about their dogs is that they do not “listen” to them or that they want to improve their dog’s “listening” skills. Without ever meeting their dogs, IRead more

Leash Reactivity – A Cause and Effect Relationship

By: Brittney Frazier It seems one of the best experiences a person can have with their dog is a good walk. Some trainers even feel that the quality of a dog’s walk with their human is indicative of the overall relationship between the two beings.Read more

Celebrating our Pets – Providing Meaningful Legislation

Gene Schulter has been a crusader for the many animal companions in our lives. As Alderman, he established an ad hoc committee to complete a rewrite of the animal care ordinance. He worked diligently to revise the ordinance to protect our pets and the manyRead more