Galter LifeCenter Member Maintains Youth With Group Fitness Classes and Massage Therapy

Edward Mendoza has always believed in the importance of exercise. When he was 30 and working in construction, he noticed many 60-somethings were out of shape and unhappy. Now retired, he’s happy to have chosen a more active path, studying martial arts and using hisRead more

Your Feet and Your Health

by David Modica Just in time for strappy sandal season, a recent article by The Active Times suggests that your feet can tell you a lot about what’s going on with the rest of your body. Learn what to look for, and they can beRead more

Physical Fitness: A Way of Life That Helped Save a Life!

It’s proven that working out can improve quality of life and often extend life expectancy. For north side Chicago resident Dan Tepke, his time at Galter LifeCenter succeeded in doing both! In addition to regular exercise, Dan utilized personal training at Galter LifeCenter in combinationRead more