The Chopping Block You Can Save Lots of Money By Learning How to Butcher

Have you ever found yourself staring at the meat case in the supermarket with a blank look on your face? Are you wondering what’s the difference between prime, choice and select meat? Pondering which ribs should you get: baby back, country style or spare ribs?Read more

Learn How to Marry Food and Wine for Any Occasion

Knowing what wines to serve with your food can seem really complicated if you listen to some wine experts. But wine and food pairing doesn’t have to be difficult! With a basic understanding of the major types of wines and their characteristics, it can beRead more

Chopping Block–July: a Great Time to be in the City!

July is a beautiful time of year to be in Lincoln Square. Thursday nights alone offer fun for the whole family with the Summer Concert Series and Lincoln Square Farmers Market. The Chopping Block is especially excited for this month because we’re opening up our outdoorRead more

The Chopping Block-Apple Fest

It’s almost that time: that fall day in Lincoln Square where the smell of fresh baked Apple Pie wafts out of The Chopping Block’s kitchen, where hot mugs of Apple Cider are consumed all day, where bushels of apples are displayed, where kids have stickyRead more