What Is this Mindfulness Stuff All About?

From our Friends at Black Bear Academy As parents and providers, not only should we teach our kids their ABCs and 123s, but it is essential to teach our kids how to accept and respond to their emotions. Building their emotional intelligence is just asRead more

Family Fun Activities for Over the Holiday Vacation

From our Friends at Black Bear Academy Have a family game night Chances are many of your family’s favorite board and card games reinforce social and academic skills such as attention, inhibition, turn taking, theory of mind, counting, reading, and drawing. Gather the group to play gamesRead more

Sharing Books

by our friends at Black Bear Academy “A book is a gift you can open again and again” ~Garrison Keillor As we end another successful Scholastic Book Fair at Black Bear Academy, and we approach the gift-giving season, we wanted to share some important tipsRead more

Black Bear Academy could be the best early education secret – but maybe not for long!

Black Bear Academy at 1801 W. Byron is not named after its owners and executive directors, Maureen and Kevin Black, as you might guess. It’s named after the animal, the black bear, who will ferociously protect her cubs against all dangers. The name was chosenRead more