Swedish Covenant Hospital CPR Training Event Trains Hundreds of People in One Day

Swedish Covenant Hospital’s recent Keep the Beat community CPR training and social event promoted heart health by training hundreds of community members in bystander CPR in a single day. 

“Our goal at Swedish is to help make our community safer and healthier,” said Anthony Guaccio, President and CEO of Swedish Covenant Hospital. “This free training program will help save lives and empower our community by providing the tools to respond with confidence in an emergency cardiac arrest scenario.”

Since the hospital started its CPR training program the Emergency Department has seen an increase in survival rates for cardiac arrest patients. Knowing the three simple life-saving skills of bystander CPR can literally double, to triple the chance of survival for victims. And 70% of all out of hospital cardiac arrests occur in the home so it is likely, if this skill is needed, it will be used on someone that you know.

“Our Emergency Department staff has seen the life-saving benefits of CPR firsthand and they know that what happens in the initial minutes of a cardiac arrest is critical,” said Kim Leslie, Emergency Department Clinical Director. “The sooner CPR is administered, the better it is for the patient’s outcome.”

The ED staff will continue to schedule bystander CPR training sessions with additional local schools, faith communities and other neighborhood organizations. New organizations can learn more and schedule a free CPR training session by visiting: www.swedishcovenant.org/savealife

This program is made possible through a grant from Illinois Heart Rescue and generous support from Swedish Covenant Hospital Foundation


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