Ravenswood Community Council to Host Neighborhood Walking Tour

On April 14th, the Ravenswood Community Council will host a neighborhood walking tour for the American Planning Association’s Nation Conference, showcasing the historic Ravenswood Corridor to a national audience of planners, architects, engineers, and academics.

Participants in this mobile workshop will have the opportunity to take a guided walking tour through one of Chicago’s most historic and innovative neighborhoods that has been transformed from a heavily industrialized commercial corridor, to a mixed use creative corridor with a diverse range of businesses and occupants. This tour will focus on the current Ravenswood Creative Corridor, which spans roughly 2 miles from Addison Avenue to Foster Avenue up and down Ravenswood Avenue. The mobile workshop will emphasize planning topics such as adaptive reuse, historic preservation, sustainability, New Urbanism, the creative classes, walkability, transit oriented development, and bicycle planning initiatives. Speakers include: Joe Hayes of Hayes Properties; Clayton Jirak and Charles Daas of the Ravenswood Community Council; Jonathan Fine of Preservation Chicago; Bill Higgins, Transportation Planner for the 47th Ward, and many more.

Participants will be shown how the Ravenswood Corridor has embraced community efforts to preserve historically significant locations, promote sustainable developments, and re-purpose existing buildings. Participants will be able to see a community that has successfully established a walkable family-friendly neighborhood that was built before the automobile with an emphasis of people over cars. They will learn the value of mixed-use neighborhoods that encourage diverse businesses and housing types and the additional benefits that follow.

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