Prepare your pet for natural disasters

Natural disasters are a scary thing. They can be terribly unpredictable, destructive and isolating. Having an emergency plan in place is one of your best defenses against a natural disaster. Having a plan in place for your pet is their best defense in an emergency.

One of the most important steps you can take is to prepare a kit of supplies for your pet. This kit should include:

• A 3 to 5 day supply of food and water. Each kept in separate airtight, waterproof containers.

• Any medication your pet may take stored in a waterproof container.

• A first aid kit. Most pet kits include bandages, bandage tape, antibiotic ointment, saline solution, isopropyl alcohol, latex or vinyl gloves and flea & tick prevention.

• Copies of medical records, registration information, adoption paperwork if you adopted your pet and a picture of you and your pet together. Store these documents in a sealable plastic bag.

• An extra collar with tags and a leash.

• A crate, particularly for smaller animals such as cats.

• For sanitation purposes, include litter and a litter pan, newspaper trash bags, paper towels, and bleach (to be diluted with water).

• To help reduce stress, favorite toys, treats and bedding can be included.

In the event you may have to evacuate your home, research hotel or motel options that allow pets. Ask family and friends who live outside of your area if they’d be able to provide temporary housing for you and your pet. Also, look into nearby boarding facilities in case you and your pet cannot be sheltered together. It will be wise to plan in conjunction with your neighbor or a close friend. Ask them to help evacuate your pets or care for them if you are not home at the time of an emergency or are unable to get home immediately and offer the same for their pets. Make sure to designate a location to meet your neighbor or friend if their evacuating of your pet becomes necessary. Your vet office, local shelters or humane societies often will supply you with “Pets Inside” stickers that indicate how many pets you have and what type of animals they are. Place these stickers on the windows and doors of your house. Firefighters or the police can use this information if they are the first responders to your home in an emergency. If officials have to evacuate your pet, make sure to familiarize yourself with the locations your local government takes displaced pets.

Don’t wait to get things in order. Get your emergency kit and plans in line today. Being as prepared as you can be for the unexpected will help reduce the amount of stress and worry you and your pet will be under at the time of a natural disaster or emergency should one occur.


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