New Medicare Cards are Coming for Medicare Members

To help prevent identity theft, new Medicare cards will be mailed to beneficiaries across the nation between now and April 2019, with Illinois members expected to begin receiving their cards in June.

The new cards won’t include Social Security numbers, instead each person will get a unique Medicare Number. All old cards should be destroyed once the new card arrives.

Once the distribution of new cards is complete in April, 2019, Medicaid/CMS will no longer accept the old Medicare numbers so it’s important to start using new cards as soon as they are received. Patients with Railroad Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans will also receive the new replacement Medicare cards.
For more information, visit the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When will I get my new card and when will it become effective?
Illinois residents’ cards will be mailed starting in June 2018. The new card is effective as soon as it’s received.   

Why are the cards being changed?
To help prevent identity theft. The new cards won’t include Social Security numbers. Instead, each person will receive a unique Medicare number.

What do Medicare patients need to do?
Patients don’t need to do anything to get a new card, but they should make sure their mailing address is up to date. Visit or call 1-800-772-1213 (TTY: 1-800-325-0778) to confirm mailing addresses.

Will anyone from Medicare call members about this?
Medicare will never call and ask for personal information before sending new cards. Patients should NOT share their Medicare number or other personal information if someone calls and asks for it.

Will members receive more information in the mail?
Medicare will mail more information with the new cards. Check for the latest updates.

What should people do with their old card once they get the new card?
Old cards should be destroyed to reduce the risk of theft.

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