Kids Ask Why? Here’s a Resource with the Answers.

From our Friends at Black Bear Academy

Why do I have to brush my teeth, Mom? How can I make my friends feel better when they are sad? What happens when we die? Why do I have to eat my vegetables? How am I different than my friends? What is autism? Answering these questions can be tricky as a parent, but lucky for you, there is something out there that can help! We all know and love Sesame Street for their kid friendly educational television show, however there is a lesser known hidden treasure called Sesame Street in Communities! Sesame Street wanted to create a convenient resource for parents and providers to support their efforts in building opportunities to discuss, learn, and process various life topics including everyday routines, relationships, school readiness, and more difficult conversations such as death and illness. On this user friendly website you can find interactive multi-media tools that “help you playfully, meaningfully engage with kids during everyday moments.”

What It Provides

  • Easy and convenient searchable site that lists various topics that address play, emotions, relationships, routines, academics, and development.
  • Free multi-modal researched driven resources including videos, games, coloring pictures, interactive stories, activities, applications, and articles.
  • Resources are printable and accessible electronically on your computer, phone, and/or IPAD.
  • Free professional development including webinars, courses, training videos, events, and forums to build parent and provider knowledge to support children’s development.
  • Organizes topics and the big idea of each activity. Provides recommended ages, length of time required, and step by step instructions to complete activities

Why We Like It!

  • Provides convenient resources to empower parents to create the space to explore tough conversations with kids through play-based activities and familiar characters to help children relate, reflect, and understand.
  • Approaches challenging topics such as divorce, death, and other traumatic experiences but also addresses daily routines such as healthy habits (i.e. eating, exercising, etc.), family relationships, and school readiness.
  • Introduces topics through various mediums including pictures, videos, interactive stories, activities, apps, etc. to explore all aspects of a topic through multiple opportunities to ultimately support a child’s comprehension of challenging topics.
  • Encourages parents to lay a foundation of trust to build reliance and confidence to approach unfamiliar topics and address big emotions with adults as children grow. “It is okay to be angry. I get angry too. Let’s explore those big feelings together!”
  • Creates a sense of community for children and parents by addressing topics that everyone faces through relatable and comforting resources.
  • Check out Sesame Street in Communities at, to empower your family to create a supportive and loving space for our children to “grow smarter, stronger, and kinder” and be prepared for life’s challenges.

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