How was your day?

From Black Bear Academy

bb-kid1Who knew this question would be so hard to answer? Many parents have shared with us the difficulty they experience getting their children to talk about their day at school. The younger the child, the more difficult this is. Often time parents don’t get a response or get minimal information beyond, “good” or “okay.”

This is often because of the nature of the question. There are many types of questions (i.e. yes/no, wh? etc.), but open-ended questions, such as, “How was your day?” are difficult because of the amount of work required by the child to organize, sequence and generate the information without support or visuals. We found an article that is direct and simply states how to support conversations regarding your child’s day.

The most important thing to remember is to try and avoid the open-ended questions such as “What did you do today?” or “How was your day?”  Asking specific questions about the structure of their day, such as the book they read, the games they played, the songs they sang music, or about a friend in their class. This is a good way to direct the conversation and make it easier for your child to generate a response.

Ibbkid2f possible, preview with your child on the car ride to school what they will be learning about that day. Then, you can ask them about it afterward. Looking at pictures of the child in action at school together while at home is also a great way to support their understanding of your questions and will help provide scaffolding for them to generate more specific responses.


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