Galter LifeCenter Member Maintains Youth With Group Fitness Classes and Massage Therapy

gld-classEdward Mendoza has always believed in the importance of exercise. When he was 30 and working in construction, he noticed many 60-somethings were out of shape and unhappy. Now retired, he’s happy to have chosen a more active path, studying martial arts and using his Galter LifeCenter membership for fitness classes and massage therapy.

Following his retirement, Edward joined Galter LifeCenter to train for a hiking trip in Peru on the Inca Trail. The trip was a success, and on his return he looked into group classes to maintain the fitness level he had worked so hard to achieve.

“All of Galter LifeCenter’s group fitness classes are led by experts who make the workouts challenging and fun,” said Edward. “You feel better physically and emotionally right away. They help me recharge and really give me an endorphin boost!”

Edward can be found at Galter LifeCenter four times a week doing multiple classes on each visit. His busy schedule includes group blast, group fight, weight training, bicycling, kickboxing and group active classes. The instructors change the routines and the music every three months, which he feels helps keep different muscles engaged and keeps him working hard.

In addition to the physical benefits, Edward enjoys the social aspects of group fitness classes. “You can meet people and encourage each other,” he said. “Sometimes, it’s like you’re kibitzing in the middle of class and it feels like a fun social club.”

Massage is the Perfect Complement to a Workout

To enhance his recovery, reduce muscle tightness and relax, Edward books regular massage appointments at Galter LifeCenter. “If you’re working out and challenging yourself, your muscles will be sore,” he said. “Massage is important to help me prevent becoming tight and stiff. The massage therapists are well-trained and seem to immediately know where you’re hurting. Sometimes you’re so relaxed you can almost go into a trance.”

The massage therapists are medically trained professionals who put patients’ needs before all else, a fact that’s very important to Edward. “They know how to work with older clients who might have maladies, such as bad knees, hips or backs,” he said. “All the Galter LifeCenter therapists are wonderful and the prices are reasonable. And since there is no tipping it makes it quite affordable.”

Working Out for Tomorrow

Due in part to Galter LifeCenter, Edward is enjoying an active retirement filled with biking, hiking and travel. As for the future, Edward will continue working out at Galter LifeCenter for the short- and long-term benefits.

“I’m working out for tomorrow,” Edward said. “When I turned 30, I started practicing martial arts with the goal of remaining in shape when I was 60. Now that I’m 65, I’m working out for when I’m 80 or 90. I have no plans to slow down.”

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