From The Chopping Block: New Year, New Cookware

Is one of your new year’s resolutions to be a better cook? The equipment you stock your kitchen with could have more of an effect on your cooking than you might think.

There are so many different types of cookware available now, it may be overwhelming to decide which kind to purchase. Students often ask our chefs: What’s the best cookware to buy? At The Chopping Block, we believe you should not look at cookware as an expense, but rather as an investment.

When you invest in a top-of-the-line item, you typically get a fantastic warranty along with it. We call these pieces heirloom pieces. That’s because the high quality to which the cookware is constructed will allow it to last from generation to generation. The warranties also give you security that the piece you buy today will be covered for many years to come.
Besides the value of the financial investment, there are obviously culinary benefits to quality cookware as well. Our favorite cooking method of the winter, the art of braising, is a whole lot easier when using a great pot.

Our chefs are all huge fans of Le Creuset cookware. Some people shy away from this brand, mostly because of the price tag; however, this is truly quality cookware. The craftsmanship is excellent and every piece is unique and guaranteed for life. Le Creuset has been in business since the early 1920s. But what exactly is so special about this product? For starters, their enameled cast iron evenly distributes heat, which is important for cooking evenly. It also remains hot for a longer period of time, keeping the food warm while locking in the optimal amount of moisture. It can also go from stovetop to oven for a variety of cooking methods.

While this cookware may be a bit heavy, cleaning is a breeze: a little soap and light scrubbing and it’s ready to go. It really doesn’t need anything special to maintain it. There are several models and beautiful colors available, from stockpots, Dutch ovens, braisers, saucepans, skillets, grill pans, to spatulas and more. There’s also beauty in its versatility. For example, you can braise chicken, make scrambled eggs, or even bake a loaf of bread in the same pan.

Watch our Owner/Chef Shelley Young make Pot Roast, one of our favorite braised dishes in this video

All cookware is 20% off in January, so visit our stores to select your newest tool in being a better cook this year!

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