The Gene and Rosemary Schulter Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, independent, nongovernmental organization.

Your tax deductible donation helps to fund:

  • Scholarships given to graduating high school seniors who will be attending college and to eighth-grade students advancing to high school,
  • Sponsorship of community concerts.
  • Gift certificates to help promote local businesses and free Cubs tickets for senior outings.
  • Senior well-being and financial safety programs.
  • Our website and monthly e-newsletter that provide promotional resources for our locally owned businesses, non-profit organizations, and community events.

While the majority of our funding comes from our annual event, Positive Impacts, the smaller donations made throughout the year are just and important and necessary in growing our programs and our efforts to keep our community strong.

Consider making a tax deductible donation today. If you are making a donation of $500 or more, you can specify that your donation be applied for a specific use: senior programs, free community concerts or scholarships.

Thank you,

Gene and Rosemary Schulter

Gene and Rosemary Schulter Foundation
P.O. Box 25430
Chicago, IL 60625-0430

For inquiries, please send email to