City Transportation Department Implements Traffic Safety Improvements on Irving Park Road at North Center Senior Campus

by Peter von Buol

The city of Chicago’s Department of Transportation (CDOT) has recently completed a traffic safety project in which lines were painted along the sides of the 2300 block of Irving Park Road to clearly differentiate the street’s parking lanes from its traffic lanes.

Among the beneficiaries of the safety improvement are the residents of the Martha Washington Apartments for Seniors, 2334 W. Irving Park Road. Motorists driving in the westbound parking lane of Irving Park had made it very difficult to leave the driveway of the apartment complex.

In fact, over the course of the past few years, numerous accidents had occurred in which the cars of residents had sustained considerable damage. With parking lanes now clearly defined by the new lines, exiting onto Irving Park Road should now be easier.

In an email sent in June to Rebekah Scheinfeld, the city’s transportation commissioner, Gene Schulter of the Gene and Rosemary Schulter Foundation had expressed his own concerns about the problem.

“It appears the motorists are using the parking lane like a traffic lane, and they hit Senior Citizen cars as they exit the driveway of the development,” wrote Schulter.

Shortly afterwards, the commissioner had a long discussion with Schulter and a plan was formulated to have the parking lane clearly defined. In addition, Scheinfeld said she would work with the State of Illinois (Irving Park is a state highway) to have a bump-out put in if the problem is not solved by the new lines defining the parking lane.

The Martha Washington is part of the North Center Senior Campus. The campus also includes the St. Vincent de Paul Residence apartments and the Belle Plaine Commons Senior condominiums.

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