Celebrating our Pets – Providing Meaningful Legislation

Gene Schulter has been a crusader for the many animal companions in our lives. As Alderman, he established an ad hoc committee to complete a rewrite of the animal care ordinance. He worked diligently to revise the ordinance to protect our pets and the many animals that are in between homes.

“As an animal lover, I’ve been a longtime advocate for our companion pets and worked with community advocates to promote animal welfare issues while a member of the City Council,” said Gene Schulter.

The ordinance established additional licensing categories to encompass all pet care facilities and services. It also set differential licensing fees for dogs that have been spayed/neutered, specifically increasing fees for unaltered animals. It established sanitary standards, proper record keeping to identify pet owners, and increased fees for animals that are repeatedly impounded. The local and national animal communities praised Gene for his persistence and dedication to work towards better protection for the many animal companions in the City of Chicago.

Pet Tips

As the warmer months approach and we are out and about more with our pets, Found Chicago located at 4108 N. Rockwell kindly provided us with some important pet tips.

Here are a few simple steps to approach or pass by an unfamiliar dog:

1. Obey the law! Keep your dog leashed and in your control while out in public (unless in a specifically designated off-leash area) even if your dog is friendly.

2. Give space! When passing a new dog, play it safe and give extra room.

3. Ask! Always ask the person walking a dog if it is ok to approach with your dog. It’s not fair to assume that just because your dog may be able to easily greet another dog that all other dogs can do the same.

4. Don’t be offended; be empathetic! If a person walking his or her dog asks you not to approach with your dog, try to understand it’s in the best interest of everyone involved. Both people and dogs want to enjoy themselves when out for a stroll.

*Animal Defense Legal Fund 2012 United States Rankings

ABOUT FOUND CHICAGO: Found Chicago NFP is a 501(c)3 no-kill, all-breed rescue that serves to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home the most medically and behaviorally challenged dogs that would otherwise be euthanized. Found Chicago Boarding & Training Center is a subsidiary of Found Chicago, NFP that provides services to the public to give dog owners the knowledge they need to better handle their dogs and improve the quality of the dog-human relationship. All proceeds from services offered through Found Chicago Boarding and Training Center wholly benefit the dogs we rescue, rehabilitate and re-home. Visit www.foundchicago.org for more information.

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