Celebrating Moms & the Importance of Teaching Your Kids to Cook

pickvegiesWe happily celebrate our mothers in the month of May. Those celebrations, like most family occasions, will likely be centered on food, whether it’s a special brunch or dinner at mom’s favorite place. That makes perfect sense, since our parents are the first people to cultivate food knowledge in their kids.

Today, we are placing even more emphasis on food in our families. We want to know where our food is coming from, we know we should be able to pronounce each ingredient on the nutritional label and frozen dinners just don’t cut it anymore. More parents are realizing that teaching their kids to cook helps prepare them for the future.

Here are just a few benefits your kids will get from cooking:

Do the Math: Cooking is a fun way to crunch numbers, whether it’s doubling a recipe or learning how to be precise with measurements.

Anti-Obesity Weapon: By learning the nutritional value of food, kids can arm themselves with knowledge to help fight the childhood obesity epidemic.

Appreciation: Teaching your kids where their food comes from will give them an appreciation for nature that will last long into adulthood.

Nutritional Control: Learning how to cook helps give kids control over their health. This is an important foundation to lay for the rest of their lives.

girlveggiesRead about more reasons why you child should know how to cook in The Chopping Block’s blog.

Most people may think Mom wants a day off from the kitchen on her special day. But if she’s cooking alongside her favorite helper, a day in the kitchen makes for a perfect Mother’s Day. The Chopping Block has options to cook with your mom for both kids and adults.

Moms and Mimosas Saturday, May 9 Lincoln Square

Take your Mom to Paris Saturday, May 9 Lincoln Square

Moms and Mimosas Sunday, May 10 Lincoln Square

Kids Cook with your Mom: Brunch Sunday, May 10 Merchandise Mart

Kids Cook with your Mom: Dinner Sunday, May 10 Lincoln Square

Take your Mom to Paris Sunday, May 10 Merchandise Mart

TeamworkIn addition to cooking classes, there are lots of opportunities for kids and teens to learn about the food they eat, where it comes from and how to make it. From watching online tutorials to experimenting with different ethnic cuisines, there are many ways aspiring young foodies can get involved with food. Our Chef Sara Salzinski provides advice for the so-called “foodie generation” in this article featured in the Huffington Post.

At The Chopping Block, each hands-on kids and teen class includes a lesson on ingredients, sanitation, organization and cooking techniques. Learn more about our kids and teen cooking classes and camps on our new website. Our summer camps are now available for registration. Get your child cooking today!

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