Beating the Winter Blues

Fun family activities to do during the winter months
From our friends at Black Bear Academy

The holidays have passed, we’ve rung in the New Year and now… we have winter! It is hard to entertain children when the Chicago weather hits the negative degrees! In thisRead more


Gift Cards: What You Should Know

From Michael W. Frerichs, Illinois State Treasurer

One of the lesser-known roles of the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office involves gift cards.
Some unused gift cards after a certain period of time are considered unclaimed property. As such, the value of these cards is surrendered to theRead more


Halloween is approaching which for children, means lots of candy and sweet treats!

From our friends at Black Bear Academy

As we approach this holiday filled with lots of preferred food and snack options, it feels appropriate to address the concerns that parents often share about their children and their eating. As parents, it is our responsibility to payRead more


The Chopping Block You Can Save Lots of Money By Learning How to Butcher

Have you ever found yourself staring at the meat case in the supermarket with a blank look on your face? Are you wondering what’s the difference between prime, choice and select meat? Pondering which ribs should you get: baby back, country style or spare ribs?Read more


Flu Prevention, Symptoms and Treatment

From Swedish Covenant Hospital

Prevention is always the best option in protecting yourself from all forms of illness, and influenza is no different. Flu season typically begins in October or November and can last as late as May. Preparing for the increase in exposure to the virusRead more


Tips on approaching the gift-giving season with your children.

By Jennifer Gibson, PsyD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

sledingAs the largest gift-giving season of the year approaches, it can be difficult to balance receiving and giving when it comes to our children.  Here are some helpful things to keep in mind as parents when navigating the gift-givingRead more


Neighborhood Icon to Get a Facelift

By Patrick Butler

The 9davis47-year-old Davis Theater at 4614 N. Lincoln Ave., is about to get its first major facelift in decades – probably starting with the washrooms if owner Tom Fencl has his way.

“I know from standing at bus stops that a lotRead more


Swedish Covenant Hospital Opens New Immediate Care Centers on City’s North Side

This summer, Swedish Covenant Hospital is bringing two new immediate care centers to Chicago’s north side, providing community members with access to convenient, quality health care for a variety of non-life-threatening emergencies.

The first center opened in June in the Sauganash neighborhood (6141 N. CiceroRead more


The Schulter Foundation and Wintrust Sponsor Senior Financial Safety Program

eniors at the Martha Washington listen to the presentation Money Smart for Older Adults. (

eniors at the Martha Washington listen to the presentation Money Smart for Older Adults. (

With over 50 million Americans aged 62 and over, older adults are a prime targets for financial exploitation by people they know and trust as well asRead more


Schulter Foundation Scholarships: Helping students in their journey to college

By Patrick Butler

College is going to be just a little easier for students like Haley Pienton, Dalia Arroyo, Daniele Anderson and Cassie Kielnik thanks to the Gene and Rosemary Schulter Foundation.

Gene Schulter (left) awards Haley Pienton a scholarship.

Gene Schulter (left) awards Haley Pienton a scholarship.

Pienton, aRead more