Zuko’s Story : Finding friendship in the most likely place

By: Brittney Frazier, Found Chicago 

imagejpeg_0-1If you love dogs, you have probably heard some of the rhetoric supporting the adoption of rescued dogs; dogs that have been abused or abandoned in one way or another. Phrases like “adopt, don’t shop” and “rescue, rehabilitate, rehome” express toRead more


Healthy Obsession: Redirecting anxiety to a more productive alternative

By: Brittney Frazier

Meet and greetAt Found Chicago, we ask owners to visit before any training advice is given in order to understand to best approach the situation. Over the years I have observed dogs and their owners, it is easy to pinpoint some of the majorRead more


Caring For and Loving a Senior Dog

By: Brittney Frazier, Found Chicago

Seeing a beloved pet begin to age and drop in activity level is never an easy process to go through. As my own rescue girl creeps into the double digits, I find myself reminiscing on old pictures from when I firstRead more


Puppy Imprinting and How to Socialize the Perfect Puppy

By: Brittney Frazier

JulyFound1Late spring and early summer seem to be the most popular times to introduce a new dog into a family and we are certainly seeing a high volume of puppies walk through our facility doors for training. With the warm weather and addedRead more


Personal Space and Respect – a win-win relationship

By: Brittney Frazier

cutepupImagine walking through the park down a path and holding hands loosely with your significant other. You’re taking in the sights and smells of your environment and enjoying the relaxation of being close to your partner. Then, you see a person approachingRead more


Strategic Reward – Opportunities to reward your dog as an alternative to treats

By: Brittney Frazier

foundApril1It is usually no question that a dog will work for food. Because not all dogs are food motivated and their humans are usually looking for alternatives to breaking out the treat jar every time they would like their dog to obeyRead more


Why Dogs Don’t Listen: Improving a dog’s responsiveness to commands

By: Brittney Frazier

dog313One of the number one complaints we receive as a dog training facility from owners about their dogs is that they do not “listen” to them or that they want to improve their dog’s “listening” skills. Without ever meeting their dogs, IRead more


Pack Mentality – Preventing Turmoil Within Groups of Dogs

By: Brittney Frazier

found-feb1Within the last few months, my home has been strained with more traffic than usual. Even as a dog trainer who has opened her home to many rescue dogs in need of home exposure, the amount of foster dogs cycling through my homeRead more


Leash Reactivity – A Cause and Effect Relationship

dogwalkBy: Brittney Frazier
It seems one of the best experiences a person can have with their dog is a good walk. Some trainers even feel that the quality of a dog’s walk with their human is indicative of the overall relationship between the two beings.Read more


Obsessive and Excessive Behaviors in Relation to Anxiety in Dogs

By: Brittney Frazier – Dog Trainer, CPDT-KA, APDT


Photo Credit: Tim Mowrer

There is probably a distinctive memory in everyone’s childhood of their mother reminding him or her not to chew their fingernails because it’s a “bad habit.” Sure, submitting to compulsionRead more