It’s Your Dog’s Life:

Why you should focus on what your dog CAN do, and not what they CAN’T.
Brittney Frazier, CPDT-KA, Found Chicago Boarding and Training Center

Prior to adopting and welcoming a new dog into our home for the first time, we all imagine the lifestyle and activities weRead more


Happy Howl-idays – Keeping your furriest family member safe and sound this season

Brittney Frazier, CPDT-KA, Found Training Center

While most of us are decking the halls and planning for feasts and friends this holiday season, we may not be taking our pets into consideration. Holidays tend to be a time for joy and cheer, but can sometimes proveRead more


Where the Wild Things Aren’t: Understanding and Embracing Dog Domestication

Brittney Frazier, Found Chicago Boarding and Training

“Man’s best friend” wasn’t an easy title to earn. Our dogs truly are everything from our playmates, to our protectors, to our partners, to our sleeping buddies. They help us raise our children, make friends with people we mayRead more


Dogs are People, Too! The Effect of Individual Dog Personalities on Training

By: Brittney Frazier, Found Chicago Boarding and Training Center

Have you ever heard a person referring to their dog as their child or family member? Our country and its culture is notorious for celebrating their pets as human beings, going so far as to walking themRead more


Yes, your dog wants to go on a walk. No, you don’t have to ask them.

Brittney Frazier, Found Chicago Boarding and Training Center

Over the years, I’ve witnessed many walk time rituals between dogs and their owners. First there’s the questions (“Want to go on a walk?” and “Where’s your leash? Let’s go get your leash!”), then there’s the collar-grabbing,Read more


Working Like Dogs – Real life dog training to use in an office setting

By: Brittney Frazier, Found Chicago

Just like “Take Your Kid to Work Day,” bringing your pup to the office can be an exciting way to bond with your pet and expose them to some new experiences. However, all too often the experience you find is moreRead more


Some Sense About Desense

Tips and techniques for desensitizing your dog to new things

Brittney Frazier, Found Chicago Boarding and Training Center

With Chicago-like spring weather creeping in and the neighborhood parks becoming more crowded, you may have noticed your dog’s growing sensitivity to things they haven’t encountered in months:Read more


How Much Does Your Dog Enjoy the Dog Park?

High energy dog socialization and its effect on our canine companions

by Brittney Frazier, Found Chicago Boarding and Training Center

Taking your dog to the dog park seems like a no-brainer. How often do our pets really get to stretch their legs and run when living in theRead more


Potty Training 101 – How to Train the Perfect Pup

Brittney Frazier, Found Chicago Boarding and Training

Puppies are adorable. I think we can all agree on that. But there is also the other side of the coin that is the dreaded potty training, which accompanies every pup into their new home. Teaching a puppyRead more


Tricks for Treats – Keeping Your Dog Busy This Winter

By: Brittney Frazier, Found Chicago

found2-decAs the beautiful summer and early fall weather draws to a close, dog owners around Chicago are seeking new ways to exercise and engage with their cooped up canines. While physical activity is extremely important for any dog, mental stimulation isRead more