Albany Auto Car Service

Albany Auto began nearly 40 years ago, when Ken Widdes opened a small community car care business, just north of Irving Park road, which became an integral component in the neighborhood. What began as a word of mouth business by the Ken Widdes, father to JasonRead more


Five Year Anniversary of Senior Satillite Center in Northcenter

According to former Alderman Gene Schulter it took ten years of planning, countless community meetings, and raising over 60 million dollars to provide the much needed senior housing for the 47th Ward.

But on Monday July 15th it was celebrating the fifth year anniversary ofRead more


Garden Care for Late Summer and Early Fall

Late summer

August is a great month to enjoy your garden.  Here are a few tips on garden care:

  • Continue to dead-head both perennials and annuals for additional bloom.
  • Check in with your plants so you can see if they're droopy or if they have insects.  Aim forRead more

Featured Business-Dolce Casa Cafe

Chef Ross Outten purchased Dolce Casa Café in May, 2011. Previous owners had created a cozy space with an art deco feel, fireplace, exposed brick and original pressed tin ceiling. His goal was to maintain this laid back vibe and sense of community, while offeringRead more


12 Dog Training Tips

From new puppies trying to understand “Sit” to adult dogs going for certification in canine therapy, dogs always have room to learn and grow. Better yet, training is an excellent way to bond with your furry friend, and encourages overall better behavior.

Here are 12Read more


Chicago’s Dog Friendly Areas

If you think having a dog means missing out on the excitement of city living, I have to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong. As far as major metropolises go, Chicago is an exceptionally dog-friendly city. You and your four-legged pal and canRead more


New Chicago Police Entrance Exam – Preparation Workshops

The Chicago Police Department will be holding free preparation workshops on Saturday June 22nd, and Saturday August 10th from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm for those taking the police exam in December.
Visit this site for some valuable information:



June’s featured businesses: Himmel’s and Copper House

“For years, we’ve called ourselves an Italian restaurant with a German flair – and we of course have been the German flair. Now, we are way more than flair,” said Diana Himmel-Krewer owner of Himmel’s Chicago.  In January, Diana and her sister Carol made theRead more


10 things every shelter volunteer should know (Darlene Duggan)

What is the best way to get involved in the community and show your support of animal shelters? Volunteering, of course! So, you have gone through the application process and attended the orientation, and now you are ready to start helping out. Not so quick…hereRead more


Prepare your pet for natural disasters

Natural disasters are a scary thing. They can be terribly unpredictable, destructive and isolating. Having an emergency plan in place is one of your best defenses against a natural disaster. Having a plan in place for your pet is their best defense in an emergency.Read more