Bringing Culture to our Neighborhood

By Foundation guest author, Mark Schipper

If an objective of art is to give some sort of a form to life, then the 47th Ward was built-up with the intention of making a well-shaped reality from the raw material of this good, basic idea: CreateRead more


February’s Featured Business, TinyLounge

TinyLounge on LeavittTiny Lounge was located at 1814 West Addison Street in Chicago for just under seven years, from 1999-2006. At this location, Tiny Lounge was known for its service, inviting décor, and sophisticated atmosphere without pretense. Tiny Lounge featured a varied and eclectic selection of music asRead more


A Word from Hayley, One of Our 2013 Scholarship Secipients

Hayley at Polmna CollegeBeing far away from home has been hard. California is a lot different than Chicago: the weather, the people, and the attitudes. But I have never felt more independent or eager to prove myself. Here at Pomona, though it has only been a few shortRead more


The Dirty Business of ‘That Puppy in the Window’

By A. Tosone, Found Chicago

Puppy mills: the main reason to not purchase a puppy from a pet store*. While the cute, fluffy puppy who stumbles and bumbles his way to you at the pet store and who exudes that ever-so-sought-after puppy breath is, unequivocally,Read more


10 Household Items that are Dangerous to Pets

By Laura Drucker, TAILS Magazine

If you’ve ever turned your back for a second only to turn around and see your dog devouring a pack of gum or your cat on the counter licking the spout of the Windex bottle, you know pets have aRead more


The Importance of Local Coffee Houses

By Foundation guest author, Mark Schipper

Step off the blustery street and into a coffee house.

These are the warm, comfortable refuges serving steaming drinks and, more often than not, delicious food from the size of basic tapas up to full panini sandwiches and completeRead more


January Business of the Month-Fine Wine Brokers

Fine Wine Brokers on Lincoln Ave.Fine Wine Brokers has been part of the wine scene in Lincoln Square for almost 20 years. The store opened November 1994 in a single, small store front on Lincoln Avenue and over the years has grown to encompass three store fronts. Fine Wine BrokersRead more


Shared Cost Sidewalk Program

The Shared Cost Sidewalk Program is an extremely popular program in which residents share the cost of sidewalk repair with the City. The program has been a successful service for many years, offering an outstanding value to property owners. All property owners pay the same square-foot costRead more


Yellow Ribbons

By Found Chicago / A. Tosone

Have you ever seen a yellow ribbon tied to a dog’s collar or leash? If you did (or do in the future), would you know that it has a purpose? Would you know what it means? Yellow ribbons onRead more


How to Exercise Your Pet When it’s Cold Out

By TAILS Magazine/Lara Jackson

During these chilly, dark winter months, it’s hard enough for us humans to get out of bed and get through the day sometimes, but imagine how our furry friends feel. Sometimes it seems as though our dogs and cats go intoRead more