Pauline’s Restaurant

By Patrick Butler

Pauline's RestaurantKathy Henning is a woman of few words. She prefers to let her food do the talking at her two Pauline’s restaurants – the original at 1754 W. Balmoral and the one she opened a few months ago at 1337 W. Fullerton.Read more


Traipse Shoes

In 2000, while visiting a friend in Seattle, Margaret Jung tried on her first pair of Cydwoqs (pronounced “sidewalks”), leather shoes handmade in California. At first she thought they were a little strange. Margaret thought the leather soles seemed hard and they would be uncomfortable.Read more


Spring Gardening Tips

By Rinda West

April! Do you believe in spring? I think it’s going to happen again this year. At least I hope so!

In April I plant cool season annuals in containers. You can plant tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths that you find at the gardenRead more


Your Dog and the Police

Contributed by A. Tosone

Last month we discussed the role dogs play in service to our country and our society. We also took a look at how pets are affected by those who serve and when they are deployed. This month we’re going to lookRead more


The Importance of Greening and Grant Program

Mark Schipper

In Berlin, Germany, the Tiergarten lays like a green forest-blanket across the long center of the modern capital. It is an urban forest of nearly 500 acres that Berliners call the Green Lungs of the city.

In the very old days it had beenRead more


March’s Featured Business-Elan Vital Salon

by Patrick Butler

ElanVitalSalonNahrin Mando has seen the future and it’s at the Elan Vital Salon she manages at 4737 N. Damen.

As far as she knows, the spa she’s been managing since it opened last July may be the only full-service beauty shop inRead more


Spring Garden Thoughts

Rinda West, Rinda West Design

In your own garden, here’s what to look for in March:

  1.  Check your trees and shrubs for branches that may have broken or torn due to snow weight.  When you find them, prune immediately.  Prune branches back to a joint thatRead more

Dogs and the Military

Contributed by A. Tosone, Found Chicago

Although there was debate whether the dog belonged to US or British forces, the recent news of the capture of “Colonel” (read an article about the capture here) by the Taliban in Afghanistan has given me much pause. AsRead more


Bringing Culture to our Neighborhood

By Foundation guest author, Mark Schipper

If an objective of art is to give some sort of a form to life, then the 47th Ward was built-up with the intention of making a well-shaped reality from the raw material of this good, basic idea: CreateRead more


February’s Featured Business, TinyLounge

TinyLounge on LeavittTiny Lounge was located at 1814 West Addison Street in Chicago for just under seven years, from 1999-2006. At this location, Tiny Lounge was known for its service, inviting décor, and sophisticated atmosphere without pretense. Tiny Lounge featured a varied and eclectic selection of music asRead more