Helping children with special needs through the holidays

Helpful tips from Black Bear Academy

blkbearnov1With Thanksgiving and the winter holidays quickly approaching, families of children with special needs can feel the stress associated with traveling with their children to unfamiliar places where they may encounter special meals, out-of-town guests, and changes in routine. Read more


Tips on approaching the gift-giving season with your children.

By Jennifer Gibson, PsyD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

family1As the largest gift-giving season of the year approaches, it can be difficult to balance receiving and giving when it comes to our children.  Here are some helpful things to keep in mind as parents when navigating the gift-givingRead more


Giving Back to Improve Patient Care

By Bill Ligas

sch_patientsWhether providing bedside care, registering a patient for services or helping a patient schedule an appointment, Swedish Covenant Hospital employees are key to enhancing the patient experience. The Patient Care Fund was created to harness the ideas of employees to enhance patient care.Read more


8 Tips for Helping with Depression

Dr. Jennifer Gibson, PsyD

October is Depression awareness month.  You or someone you know may be experiencing signs or symptoms of depression.  Often times when this is the case, it may be difficult to talk about this with someone or you may not know howRead more


Six Everyday Things that May be Harming Your Eyesight

Galter LIfeCenter - Swedish Covenant Hospital

eyesDespite relying on our vision for everything from navigation to entertainment, it’s easy to forget how fragile our eyesight can be. In day-to-day life, we regularly encounter potential threats to the wellbeing of our eyes. By learning how to protect yourself,Read more


Preparing for the New School Year

Dr. Jennifer Gibsonschool_and_learning_parents_help

As the new school year approaches, parents and children can begin to feel overwhelmed.  Here are some helpful tips for managing and preparing for the upcoming school year.  Some of these tips can apply once the school has begun, while others can beRead more


Galter LifeCenter Member Maintains Youth With Group Fitness Classes and Massage Therapy

gld-classEdward Mendoza has always believed in the importance of exercise. When he was 30 and working in construction, he noticed many 60-somethings were out of shape and unhappy. Now retired, he’s happy to have chosen a more active path, studying martial arts and using hisRead more


Incorporating academics in the summer to encourage better Adjustment

Dr. Jennifer Gibson

academicsupportNow that we are finally in the thick of summer (or so we hope as Chicagoans), summer has provided more opportunities for scheduling things that would not otherwise be possible during the school year.  This may also mean less academic-focused activities.  Although weRead more


Making Time for Relaxation this Summer

Dr. Jennifer Gibson

Group of kids in forest walking over logDuring the winter months, many parents and families look forward to the warmth and relaxation that the summer months can bring.  Despite summer being an opportunity for relaxation, often time summer activities can present different challenges.  Parents often feel overwhelmed by theRead more


Five Diet Changes to Reduce Seasonal Allergies

allergyFor individuals affected by allergies, a change in weather can mean a significant change in lifestyle, including trying at-home remedies or over-the-counter medications and entirely avoiding certain settings. Fortunately, there’s no need to let irritants get the best of you during allergy season this year.Read more